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Corporate Owned Insurance - Do You Need It?

On a weekly basis we meet with business owners about reducing their tax liability at death and maximizing their estate. Often, these business owners have built their business from the ground up, are doing quite well, and they are thinking about the legacy and the estate that they want to leave behind.

The problem with corporate investments is the tax that you pay on that investment in every asset class. But what if there was another asset class that minimized tax?

Take the following illustration of a corporate investment account - $100,000.00 per year for 10 years in interest bearing investments. At age 90 the account (after the initial 10 years of deposits and nothing else) would grow to about 2 million dollars, but after tax would be a net of about 1.3 million to the shareholder's estate.

What you can see here is the overwhelming amount of tax due on the investment and how that eats away at the growth.

Now, What would happen if we changed the investment to a Cash Value building Whole Life Policy?

In this scenario - after 10 years we have a death benefit built up of nearly 3.5 million dollars (2.5 of which would be paid out tax free through the Capital Dividend Account upon death) but also a cash value that can be accessed through a policy loan. Based on the illustration at age 90 the Capital Dividend Account would have grown to 5.5 million dollars that would be paid out as a tax free benefit to the shareholders estate less any loans taken out from the cash value of the policy (should the business owner choose to utilize that).

When should you consider Cash Value Whole Life Insurance inside your Corporation?

  • You're a significant shareholder in a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation

  • Age 40+ and healthy

  • Corporation has excess annual cash flow and/or investment assets not needed for business purposes. Typically, been in business for at least 5 years.

  • Want to maximize your estate and transfer assets in a tax-efficient manner

  • Looking for stable and predictable asset growth (asset diversification)

Suitability Reasons The more checkmarks the greater the need for this strategy.

✔️ Business Succession plan in place? ✔️ Reduce tax on corporate investment income? ✔️ Desire to pass corporate assets to a beneficiary? ✔️ Have a corporate life insurance need? ✔️ Own taxable passive investment assets? ✔️ Own corporate investments with a deferred capital gain? ✔️ Want a certain amount of estate value guaranteed?

Curious to see if this concept works for your business? Contact us at for a free consultation.

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